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Ági Szalóki entered the Hungarian music scene right at the top with her bold musical experiments of bonding folk songs and jazz, and reinterpreting classic Karády songs. The delicate singer is a true vocalist virtuoso who acquired and mastered the musical ornamentation honed by the most talented village singers for hundreds of years. Her solo records are characterized by a thoughtful selection of folk song lyrics and poems, a performace that touches the soul, and graceful, elegant musical accompaniment.

With her album Fújnak a fellegek, Ági Szalóki returns to the sources of her inspiration: village folk songs and folk music. Complemented by artistic photos and lyrics to all songs, the album is beautiful to behold. Keeping her good custom, the singer invited a prime selection of folk musicians as her creative partners. If you are curious why Ági Szalóki chose singing as a career, this album holds the answer.

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1. Magyarszovát 14:11

2. Szék 12:40

3. Csácsbozsoki hallgató 02:00

4. Somogy 08:18

5. Őcsényi karikázó 02:47

6. Magyarbece 07:05

7. Csíkszentimrei hallgató 02:09

8. Buza 05:45

9. Mérai hajnali 01:13


Ági Szalóki – vocals
Szilvia Bognár– vocals(5.)
Ágnes Herczku – vocals(5.)
Máté Kalász – violin (2.)
Gergely Koncz – violin (1., 7.)
László Mester Pintyő – viola (1., 2., 6., 8., 9.)
Barna Mihálydeák – double bass (1., 2., 6., 8.)
Csaba Ökrös – violin (6.)
Bea Palya – vocals (5.)
Balázs Szokolay Dongó – recorders (4.)

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Photos: Ferenc Dif

Ági Szalóki's conversations about folk music

Released by FolkEuropa
Distributed by Hangvető
The album Fújnak a fellegek was created with the kind support of NKA - National Cultural Fund of Hungary.